The Issues

Where Do We Start Building A Better Denver?

With Housing Everyone Can Afford

Housing is a human right. It’s time for Denver to innovate and do what it takes to make housing attainable for all of us, at every income level.

  • Establish a tenants’ bill of rights enforced by the city
  • Support community land trusts to promote wealth-building and reduce displacement
  • Gently rezone to allow duplexes and triplexes citywide
  • Preserve existing affordable housing
  • Secure new funding streams to support city-owned social housing
  • Lobby the state to lift the ban on rent stabilization
With Solutions to Homelessness

Nobody should live without shelter in our city.

  • Follow an evidence-based “housing first” approach: meet people’s need for housing first, without onerous conditions, to support them in accessing other needed services
  • Expand Safe Outdoor Sites and safe parking sites
  • Accelerate implementation of a continuum of care to move those living without housing back to being permanently housed
  • Prioritize preservation and city or service-provider acquisition of existing deeply affordable housing and hotels
  • Reduce untenable wait times and other barriers to access for behavioral health services
Climate Change & Environment
With Neighborhoods That Last

With good planning, we can protect our neighborhoods and our children from the impacts of climate change.

  • Increase resilience against fires, flood, and extreme heat in every neighborhood
  • Restore polluted neighborhoods and homes
  • Preserve existing green space
  • Accelerate Denver’s Climate Protection 5-year Plan and decarbonize at every opportunity
  • Improve climate standards on city-owned land and for new developments
With More Transit for Everyone

In Denver, we know how to move more people, and make less traffic. Let's shift our public investments from highway expansion to transit that reduces air pollution, saves lives, and creates more equitable access to work, education, and public space.

  • Prioritize traffic calming and implement Vision Zero to eliminate traffic fatalities
  • Create a citywide network of protected bike lanes
  • Build bus rapid transit infrastructure with displacement protections
  • Augment RTD service with on-demand microtransit in underserved areas
  • Make sidewalks, parks, and other infrastructure accessible and ADA-compliant
Policing & Public Safety
With A New Approach to Public Safety

It's time to reimagine public safety and build trust in government as a provider of safety.

  • Expand the use of medical professionals to respond to 911 calls
  • Use city enforcement resources for higher priorities than criminalizing poverty
  • Reorient policies towards harm reduction and support creation of safe use sites
  • Strengthen the role of the Independent Monitor to make civilian oversight meaningful
  • Seek accountability for those who profit from proliferation of guns
  • Bring the Municipal Criminal Code in line with Denver values
  • Reform policy discipline and record transparency.
Economic Security
With Economic Security for All

Workers, small businesses, and families should all be able to rely on our city for stability and predictable, accessible support.

  • Increase access to green jobs and support just transition for existing workforces
  • Address Denver’s childcare crisis with parent-led implementation of new state funds, support for family friend & neighbor caretakers, and support for childcare centers across all neighborhoods and housing developments
  • Increase wage theft enforcement
  • Simplify processes for people and small businesses to access city programs and contracts
  • Connect businesses to new customers with pedestrian and bicycle routes
Good Governance
With Local Government We All Can Access

Democracy depends on transparent, accountable local government that centers those most affected every day, not only on Election Day.

  • Become an exemplary employer for the city’s workforce
  • Reform open records policies to be affordable and collaborative and prioritize proactive sharing of public information
  • Ensure that those most affected by city policies are part of policymaking at all stages
  • Provide necessary powers to the Denver Auditor to enhance meaningful oversight and enforcement
  • Hold city elections at the same time as state and federal elections to increase participation

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"It’s clear to me that there’s so much more Denver can be doing to stand by its residents. We deserve a transparent, responsive city that makes policy from the grassroots up with a good helping of data along the way."

- Sarah Parady

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