Meet Sarah

Candidate for Denver City Council At Large

Sarah Parady is an experienced advocate for economic justice and workers’ rights.

She’s Grounded In Community

The daughter of a children’s librarian and a mine manager in a Western town—both active volunteers and civic leaders in their own right—Sarah learned early on from her parents that community means making sure there is someone or something close by to catch people when they fall.


She’s Driven

Sarah began her legal career at Colorado Legal Services in 2007. Through the height of the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, as political and legal systems were failing so many others, Sarah’s extraordinary drive to keep people in their homes and their communities together succeeded—and not one of her clients lost their home.


She Stands Tough For Working People

In 2014, Sarah co-founded a Denver-based public interest law firm focused on workers' rights. Since beginning her practice, Sarah has won one of the largest disability discrimination cases in Colorado history, as well as the return of nearly a million dollars of stolen wages to hundreds of drywall workers. As a recognized expert in workplace rights, Sarah wrote the 2019 Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, which ensures that workers doing the same kinds of labor receive equal pay.


She Shows Up

On top of her legal work, Sarah is a regular participant in local mutual aid groups, and takes time to deliver meals to immigrants leaving ICE detention and those living without housing. She also mentors a wide swath of young people all over the city, from recently arrived asylees to high school students to aspiring lawyers. Sarah lives in Whittier with her husband Chris, 4-year-old daughter Imogen, and baby Oscar.


"I've spent the past decade advocating for working-class Denverites who struggle to balance lost income, medical issues, housing and childcare costs, and the many other challenges of everyday life."

- Sarah Parady

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