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“It's time to take on affordable housing and ensure everyone has the resources they need to live in our city.... The candidates who will stand up for the people and stand up to the corporate interests trying to buy our city are the Working Families Party Candidates.”

“We are proud to endorse... Sarah Parady for Denver City Council At-Large... After a robust endorsement process, our members have decided these candidates are the best in their respective races for working people.”

“When we invest in each other, we all win - that's Sarah's belief. An advocate for workers' rights and economic justice, Denver's City Council could use a voice like Sarah's! From Legal Services to City Council - Sarah is ready to fight.”

“Sarah's continuous advocacy for social justice and human rights demonstrates her ability to lead and to bring unity to the city.”

“Sarah is a civil rights lawyer who has spent her career fighting for justice in all its forms. With her knowledge of law, her history of organizing and her experience in the field, Sarah will be an invaluable fighter on Denver’s City Council.”

“We stand behind this group of dedicated and passionate candidates who will fight for working families across our Denver communities. These candidates understand the challenges faced by working people in our city and are committed to fighting for us.”

“UNITE HERE Local 23 Denver Chapter have endorsed Sarah Parady for City Council At-Large seats! We look forward to working with you to continue to make Denver a city where working people thrive!”

“Parady has been a fighter for economic justice and workers’ rights, and she was instrumental in crafting Colorado’s equal pay legislation. Parady will be a strong advocate for the needs of all Denverites.”

“Faith in Colorado is proud to announce our endorsement of Sarah Parady for Denver City Council At-Large! Sarah is a champion for working people and shares our vision of a Denver that prioritizes people over profit.”

“100% on PPVC Reproductive Justice questionnaire”

Individual Endorsements

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